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Corporate Name : ASR S.A.S.
Simplified joint stock company – Company’s capital : 1 000 €
Head office : 71 route de Puylaurens – 81570 Sémalens – France
Phone number : +33 620 721 059
E-Mail : asryacht@gmail.com
Registration Number (Siret) : 812 296 747 00015
APE : 4673A
Editorial Director : Stéphane RENAUD

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This website has been registered at the CNIL under the number 1881550. More information on : www.cnil.fr

Personal data :
Our privacy and data protection policy complies with the new European standards of EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, which come into force on 25 May 2018: “General data protection regulation” (GDPR). Stéphane RENAUD is Digital Protection Officer (DPO), contact : asryacht@gmail.com.

The internet user has free access to the information we collect when registering on our site and at no time do we sell, rent, lend our files. We make your protection our priority.

Any piece of information collected on ASR YACHT is only used within the legal framework provided by France for the respect of private life. ASR SAS company is the recipient of the data. This information is informatically treated.
In accordance with the modified law « Informatique et libertés » of January, 6th 1978, users have the right of access, correction and deletion of their personal data and may exercise them at any moment by sending in writing their request with their last name, first name, phone number and the copy of their ID at the following address : asryacht@gmail.com or by mail at : ASR SAS – 71 route de Puylaurens – 81570 Semalens – France.

When visiting our website, users can be asked for information such as adress, email, names, telephones etc, by ASR YACHT through questionaries or forms, in particular when creating a customer account.

ASR SAS company is allowed to use freely some of these information during marketing, commercial operations or both. Users can oppose to it in an easy, express and free way by sending in writing their request with their last name, first name, phone number and the copy of their ID at the following address : asryacht@gmail.com or by mail at : ASR SAS – 71 route de Puylaurens – 81570 Semalens – France.

The company can use the IP address of the visitor with his operator if it reckons necessary to enforce its conditions of use or to protect its services, its customers or on request of  the legal authorities.

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Other information are made to know users better and are, therefore, optional. Users are free to answer or not.

Rights and responsability :
ASR YACHT strives to provide the most accurate and updated information. ASR SAS company reserves the right to add, modify or cancell the website in all or any parts of it, at any moment without prior notice and without warning partners, nor users. Thus, users are informed that it’s their responsability to check on information accuracy through other ways, like contacting ASR SAS.

Therefore, ASR YACHT / ASR SAS accepts no responsability for any lack of precision, inaccuracy or omitted details relating to information content on this website, nor does it for any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion of a third party involving a modification of the site’s information.

Hyperlinks :
ASR YACHT places hyperlinks at your disposal within the framework of this website towards other ressources on the internet and towards its partners. These links do not involve ASR YACHT / ASR SAS responsabiity in any form.

ASR YACHT / ASR SAS is not responsible for the contents of the websites accessible through its own website.

Documents to download :
ASR YACHT provides documents, tables, reference texts, press articles and so on in its website, either from ASR SAS resources, its partners, or from other libraries available on the internet.
These downloadable documents can be modified, replaced, or cancelled at any moment, therefore they don’t involve in any form ASR YACHT / ASR SAS responsability.

Right of reply :
Any person or company mentioned on this website can enforce their right of reply. A simple demand must be adressed by mail at : ASR SAS – 71 Route de Puylaurens – 81570 Semalens – France, or by e-mail at asryacht@gmail.com.

Permission :
Users are allowed to create links toward this website insofar as they don’t hurt ASR YACHT / ASR SAS image and as they inform ASR YACHT / ASR SAS by any means before putting in online. Users are then allowed to create links towards the website’s pages in html, php, xml formats.

French legal notices prevail over all the other legal notices of this website, no matter the translation. The website’s translations are only made to help non French-speaking users.

ASR YACHT remains at you service and wishes you a beautiful discovery of the biotechnologie in its website !
Technical part : Stephane : +33 620 721 059 Mail : asryacht@gmail.com
Administrative part : Anne : +33 6 08 309 159 Mail : asryacht@gmail.com
If you don’t get any answer, please leave a voice message with your name, phone number and the aim of your call.

Stephane Renaud
Phone : +33 620 721 059
Mail : asryacht@gmail.com